The Cupcake Girls: Juggling Biz, Motherhood And A Hit TV Show

Cupcake and ARD Girls


When we heard that Lori Joyce and Heather White were coming to town to promote the third season of their successful TV show, we jumped at the chance to meet them. You probably know Lori and Heather as The Cupcake Girls from their award-winning show, but to us they're BFFs who started their biz in 2002, just like us at Admiral Road. We couldn't wait to hear their take on mixing friendship, business and motherhood.

MI: How has it been running your Cupcakes business while filming a hit show?

CG: We just figure it out. It's been really exciting to do the show, but it's caused us to grow more slowly. When the show is taping we maintain the business, but when we're not filming we can grow the business. It's just the two of us running the business, which can slow us down. We are now focussing on getting a great development team.

MI: Since starting the show, you've both become moms. How has motherhood changed the way you work?

CG [Heather]: We have to be more efficient. There are only so many hours. In the morning and at bedtime I'm really present with my son. The phone is off and I'm with him. And then work is my escape.

[Lori] (laughs) Because that's where I am!

[Heather] I've also learned that you have to take 20 minutes a day just for yourself-to go to Starbucks or whatever you need. It's important to find that time.

[Lori] I feel like now I have everything-a great family, friends and business. And I survived the sleep deprivation! If I can do that, I can do anything!

MI: Do you believe in balance?

CG [Lori]: No, it's not possible. You just have to be in the moment and do the best you can.

[Heather ] Yes. Balance is the structure that works for you.

MI: What piece of advice would you give aspiring mompreneurs?

CG [Lori]: It's really important to have support. We've found that connecting with other female entrepreneurs has been really helpful. When you talk with other women running businesses you realize that you're not alone and you're not crazy!

[Heather] And, if you blur the fine line between work and play you have found your passion.

For a sweet treat, catch The Cupcake Girls at Wednesdays at 8pm on WNetwork.

(Interview has been condensed.)


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