Social TV: Watch It And Tweet

HD, PVRs and flat screens, oh my! The boob tube sure has changed since the days when I had to get off the couch and turn a dial in order to switch stations.  

One innovation to our favourite national pastime includes social TV – connecting viewers who aren’t watching on the same set. Ever shouted something at the TV? With a smartphone at hand, you can instantly share your thoughts with everyone else watching the same program. Think events like the Super Bowl, Royal Wedding or Oscars. No need to wait for the fashion critics to weigh in, when Angie’s Right Leg is news instantaneously.

TV networks themselves have figured out that people want to share their feelings when they’re watching their favourite shows. The folks at Dragons’ Den successfully tapped into this trend this season, by live-tweeting. When a new episode of the show aired (in any time zone), you could find yourself in witty repartee with Jim Treliving, Arlene Dickinson or Kevin O’Leary; you could chat with producers of the show; or you could trade banter with other fans. Admittedly, Dragons’ Den is the only show I watch live, for this reason. It's really fun to listen in on the conversations, and to be a part of it too.

With 86% of Americans using their phones while watching TV, this trend isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. So give it a try. You don’t need to be alone with your thoughts anymore.

Last week was the final episode of pitching on Season 6 of the Dragons’ Den. If you missed an episode, you can catch it online. And if you think you can slay the Dragons on Season 7, there are still a few days to audition.

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