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The Motion Room


Not too long ago, we took part in a YMC event at Toronto’s The Motion Room. While we love a good bar-room Tweet-Up, it was a great change of pace to get out for a night of fitness-focussed fun. What’s more, we had the chance to sample the goods of this unique gym.

The fitness professionals at The Motion Room put us through our paces with several boot-camp workouts. We also had the chance to have our percentage body fat measured by ultra sound, which was sobering, but interesting! Delicious, healthy smoothies were on offer, as was Trigger Point Therapy and Aromatherapy Massage. While all of this was terrific, what we liked best was the open and customer-focussed approach of owners James Cappellano and Joseph Martino.

The idea is that going-it alone at the gym is the reason most of us give up on our fitness regimes. When we don’t know what to do at the gym we are more likely to let our fitness programs fizzle. The Motion Room’s approach is summed up in four words: educate, motivate, guide, support. The gym requires that all clients are on a program and that programs and progress are closely monitored. For about $12 per session, you can take part in personal co-training, which means that you’re working out with a trainer every time you’re there. Every 90 days, clients are measured using a Body Composition Evaluation, and results are the focus. And there’s none of that "Maybe I’ll go to the gym today" business—appointments are usually scheduled in advance. It can be done online or by phone, and it’s easy, but we like that it ups the likelihood you’ll show up.

There are a lot of gyms out there and, in our experience, most of them hope you’ll join and never show up. At a gym we used to frequent, it wasn’t lost on us that there was a lot of newly renovated space dedicated to meeting and signing new members, and then on the inside, a lot of broken machinery and substandard workout space. The Motion Room is a gym that cares.  

As an added bonus, The Motion Room offers great fitness-focussed programming for your kids, while you work out. Every mom needs to take care of herself, and this small business has made that a whole lot easier.


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