Think Carefully When Choosing A Business Name: Your Business Is Your Baby, after all!

As owners of a personalized blanket company, we’ve seen just about everything where baby names are concerned, and there’s always a lot of talk about the latest and wildest celebrity baby names. Every prospective parent spends A LOT of time thinking about the perfect name for their impending bundle.

But how much time do we spend thinking about what to call our businesses? I recently came upon a list of company names that gave me pause. Granted, these were baby-centric businesses, but I was still surprised at many of the names. They were of the variety of ‘Bitsy Boopy Bops,’ or ‘Cutie Cuddly Patooties.’ Now, I get the appeal of giving your business a name that creates a certain feeling or emotion—that’s the whole idea—and I’m all for cute and cuddly, but you wouldn’t call your baby ‘Bunny Bug,’ because it’ll be awfully hard for ‘Bunny Bug’ to get through school, and getting a job would be extremely challenging. Maybe we all need to apply this same line of thinking to our businesses.  

No matter what your line of work, ask yourself if you could walk into a room full of high level bankers one day and ask for money using that name. Ask yourself if you can imagine making the most important call of your business’ life and introducing yourself using the name in question. Even if you own a fabulous diaper business, calling up a key stakeholder and saying, "Hi! It’s Susie, from," is going to be hard on everyone.

People ask us all the time why we called ourselves Admiral Road, and not something like Fuzzy Blanket Company or the like. Well, for starters, we weren’t sure we’d end up selling fuzzy baby blankets down the road—we experimented with different products in the early days. But more importantly, we met with an advertising Guru who told us that taking a name that doesn’t mean anything on its own and attaching your own attributes to it can be a great strategy. Think about it—Roots and Gap don’t really mean anything on their own, it’s the brand the company has created that has meaning. We’ve always been happy with our name. We’ve got no trouble making those big calls and like to hope that our name means something to the customers we serve.   How did you name your business?

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