The Trendiest names of 2014

Let's talk baby names! The Stir has compiled a list the trendiest baby names of 2014 in the US. While the boys' list was a colorful collection featuring the old and the violent, the girls are a picture of modern style with an exotic flair. 


  1. Aiza -- Popular Urdu name, boosted by British-Pakistani model and actress Aiza Khan. See Eiza below.
  2. Annalynn -- While actress Annalynne McCord is the most prominent bearer of this name family, the e-less version of the name has been the steady riser over the past half decade.
  3. Arabelle -- "Bell" is the hottest syllable around, and the form Arabella is already a fast-rising hit.
  4. Asiya -- A classic Muslim name in honor of the virtuous wife of the Pharaoh in the time of Moses. A slow but steady riser as a cross-cultural "liquid name."
  5. Cosette -- Character from Les Misérables; the film was released just before the start of 2013.
  6. Daleyza -- Young daughter of singer Larry Hernandez, as seen on his reality TV series Larrymania.
  7. Eiza -- Via Mexican actress and singer Eiza González. Despite the close similarity to Aiza, these names appear to be rising independently.
  8. Elliette -- With the growing use of Elliott for girls, some parents are turning to a French-styled ending to make the name recognizably feminine. Éliette is an established French diminutive, but the double-l version isn't used in France.
  9. Ever -- A subtle sister to inspirational names like Destiny, Promise, Miracle, and Journey, Ever rose with the big leap in the name Everly.
  10. Janney -- Janney Marin is a reality TV star and the daughter of popular singer Jenni Rivera, who died in a plane crash in 2012.
  11. Lennox -- Popularized by the tv series Melissa and Joey, Lennox's masculine rhythm and the obvious nickname Len/Lenny make it something of a surprise as a girls' choice. Along with Lux (see below), this name points to growing demand for -x options for girls.
  12. Lux -- Latin for "light" and a homophone for "luxe," Lux is also the "Lady of Luminosity" in the video game League of Legends.
  13. Merida -- The princess heroine of the animated film Brave.
  14. Navya -- Via the title character of the Indian TV drama Navya, and Indian actress Navya Nair.
  15. Novalee -- A gradual riser ever since it was introduced in the 2000 film Where the Heart Is.
  16. Renesmee -- The Twilight baby name is finding takers in the post-Twilight era, as the saga's young fans grow up.
  17. Tahiry -- Glamor model and "video vixen" Tahiry Jose stars on the reality TV series Love and Hip Hop.
  18. Waverly -- A place name with the same fashionable core as Everly, this name is coming of age along with the Wizards of Waverly Place generation.


Abdullahi (Variant of Abdullah, common in the Horn of Africa. A gradual riser over the past two decades.)

Alaric (5th Century King of the Visigoths! OK, also a vampire hunter in the tv series The Vampire Diaries. So it's a goth name in every sense of the word.)

Ansel (Formerly associated overwhelmingly with photographer Ansel Adams, now rising thanks to actor Ansel Elgort of Divergent and The Fault In Our Stars.)

Aryeh (A biblical name meaning "lion," and part of a major trend toward bible names ending in vowel sounds.)

Bane (The mercenary villain of The Dark Knight Rises; also a word meaning a scourge, curse or poison. A great demonstration of the power of style over meaning.)

Boaz (From the Book of Ruth in the Bible, Boaz features a cool -z ending and the cowboy nickname Bo. This name seems like a strong candidate to rise further.)

Brixton (A district of London, a clothing label, and a wee little step from the popular name Braxton.)

Caius (A Roman name, a saint's name, and now a trendy name thanks to the deadly villain of a recent Final Fantasy video game.)

Dyland (This looks a lot like a Cowboy name – a cross between Western favorites Dillon and Ryland – but actually owes most of its rise to a Puerto Rican reggaeton star.)

Fox (Zippy animal name with many cultural associations, from The X-Files' Fox Mulder to Fox News to Dark Knight character Lucius Fox.)

Keoni (A common Hawaiian name, sometimes called a Hawaiian form of John; pronounced kay-OH-nee.)

Kyden (A tweaking of Kayden that doesn't have as many rhyming names to contend with...yet.)

Lazarus (Two separate biblical figures, one a sore-covered beggar, the other raised from the dead. You might think of Lazarus the point of intersection of this list's Bible and death themes.)

Ledger (Thanks to late actor Heath Ledger, parents hear Ledger as a surname rather than an account book.)

Osiris (The Egyptian God of the Dead, Osiris seems an unlikely baby name choice until you consider the rising popularity of Cyrus. Also a brand of skate shoes.)

Smith (see Wesson, below)

Tadeo (The Spanish form of Thaddeus, featured in the animated film Las Aventuras de Tadeo Jones.)

Truett (Chick-fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy, who was renowned for building his business on conservative Christian principles, retired in 2013. Note the name's double-t ending.)

Wesson (Firearms brand names Smith & Wesson enter the 100 club hand in hand, demonstrating that the gun name trend is far from over. Twins, anyone?)

Wilder (Has been climbing as an even "wilder" alternative to macho surnames like Hunter and Ryder.)

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