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If you thought the name Elsa was from the ice ages, think again! Elsa has cracked the top 100 baby names for the first time in history, currently sitting at #88.  Kristoff, Hans, and  Sven are also gaining popularity; though, Olaf, sadly, has only gone up by 4% since the Disney smash hit Frozen landed in theaters.

Of course celebrities will continue to inspire our choices of names. Kourtney Kardashian's Mason, Victoria and David Beckham's Harper and Gwen Stefani's Kingston have influenced many moms and dads. This year it's Simon Cowell’s Eric, and Game of Thrones's Arya. In fact, this month at Admiral Road, we have ARYA blankets coming out of our ears!

So, which names sit atop the world rankings halfway through 2014? Have a peek!


1.      Emily

2.      Isabella

3.      Olivia

4.      Amelia

5.      Sophie

6.      Isla

7.      Ella

8.      Chloe

9.      Jessica

10.  Lily


1.      Oliver

2.      Charlie

3.      Harry

4.      Noah

5.      Jack

6.      Joshua

7.      Thomas

8.      James

9.      Jacob

10.  William

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